Phil Roman

Birth: December 21, 1930 at Fresno, CA

*Occupation/Title* Animator, Co-Director, Director, Executive Producer, Producer

*Bio Summary*
Phil was born on December 21, 1930. He speaks Spanish until he attended kindergarten. He learned English in school, and during his school years, he learned to express himself in art. Phil went to Los Angeles after he completed high school. Hollywood Art Center School took Phil as a work study student. Phil worked for two hours of "grunt" work after school, and a late night shift in the movie theater to pay his debt. Phil served in the Korean War and returned to Art Center School to continue studying after the war ends.

*Early Life/Family*
Father: Pedro Roman
Wife: Anita

Phil is the oldest of the four brothers.

Work study student at Art Center School Movie theater late shift
Participated Korean War

*Phil has attended Art Center School for his Education

*Career Outline*
Assist animator for “Sleeping Beauty” -1955
Full animator - 1957
Worked with Imagination, Inc
Director - "Sorry Charlie" and "The only way to fly!".
Co-director "Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown!" and "Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown!"

*Comments On Style*

*Influences *
Walt Disney’s “Bambi” was Phil’s influences when he saw it at the local theater.

Phil Roman is easy going, he is a dedicated animator. He’s friendly, answers the question straightforward.

Phil Roman was the co-director when Bill Melendez pitched a Peanuts storyboard.

There are no art schools back in the old days. Phil would buy books and learn how to draw. He also took a correspondence course of basic drawing cartooning. Phil was an average student. He watched Bambi with his mother with two of his brothers, and he decided that was what he wanted to do in the future.

Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer (Roman/Rappoport -2000)
The Gaudins: A Christmas Special (ABCN: Spain / 2000)
King of the Hill (FOX/1997-99)
C-Bear and Jamal (FKN/1996-97)
BRUNO The Kid (SYN/1996-97)
The Twisted Tales of Felix The Cat (CBS/1995-97)
The Mask (CBS/1995-97)
Klutter (FKN/1995-96)
The Critic (ABC/1993-94)(FOX/1994-95)
Mighty Max (SYN/1993-96)
Cro (ABC/1993-95)
The Simpsons (FOX/1992-99)
Mother Goose & Grimm (CBS/1991-93)
Zazoo U (FKN/1990-91)
Bobby's World (FKN/1990-98)
Garfield & Friends (CBS/1988-95)
Garfield Gets A Life (CBS/1991)
Garfield's Feline Fantasies (CBS/1990)
Garfield's Thanksgiving (CBS/1989)
Garfield's Babes And Bullets (CBS/1989)
Garfield: His Nine Lives (CBS/1988)
Garfield Goes Hollywood (CBS/1987)
A Garfield Christmas Special (CBS/1987)
Garfield in Paradise (CBS/1986)
The Garfield Halloween Special (CBS/1985)
Garfield in The Rough (CBS/1984)
The Story of Santa Claus (CBS/1996)
The Magic Pearl (ABC/1996)
Izzy A Hero? (TNT/1995)
The Bears Who Saved Christmas (SYN/1994)
Nick & Noel (SYN/1993)
Cool Like That - Christmas Special (FOX/1993)
Is This Goodbye, Charlie Brown? (CBS/1983)
Garfield On the Town (CBS/1983)
Here Comes Garfield (CBS/1982)
It's Magic, Charlie Brown (CBS/1981)
Someday You'll Find Her, Charlie Brown (CBS/1981)
She's A Good Skate, Charlie Brown (CBS/1980)
Life is A Circus, Charlie Brown (CBS/1980)
You're The Greatest, Charlie Brown (CBS/1979)
What A Nightmare, Charlie Brown (CBS/1978)
It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown (CBS/1977)
It's Arbor Day, Charlie Brown (CBS/1976)
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown (CBS/1975)
You're A Good Sport, Charlie Brown (CBS/1975)
It's A Mystery, Charlie Brown (CBS/1974)
It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (CBS/1974)
Tom and Jerry - The Movie
Lucky Start
(U.S. & Soviet co-venture/ 1989)
No Man's Valley(CBS/1981)
A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (CBS/1973)
Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (Paramount/1978)
Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown (Paramount/1972)
Lord Of The Rings (Ralph Bakshi/1977)
Snoopy Come Home (Melendez/Cinema Center 1972)
A Boy Named Charlie Brown (Melendez/Cinema Center 1969)
The Phantom Tollbooth (Chuck Jones/MGM/1969)
The Incredible Mr. Limpet (Warner Bros./1964)
No Time For Love, Charlie Brown (CBS/1983)
B.C. The First Thanksgiving Special (1973)
A Cricket In Times Square (ABC/1973)
You're Not Elected, Charlie Brown (CBS/1972)
The Cat In The Hat ( CBS/1971)
Babar Comes To America (NBC/1971)
Horton Hears A Who (CBS/1970)
Uncle Sam Magoo (1969)
It Was A Short Summer, Charlie Brown (CBS/1969)
Babar The Elephant (NBC/1968)
The Pogo Special Birthday Special (1968)
He's Your Dog, Charlie Brown (CBS/1968)
How The Grinch Stole Christmas (CBS/1966)
Advance And Be Mechanized (MGM/Tom & Jerry/1967)
Purr-Chance To Dream (MGM/Tom & Jerry/1967)
Guided Mous-ille (MGM/Tom & Jerry/1967)
Surf-Bored Cat (MGM/Tom & Jerry/1967)
Love Me, Love My Mouse (MGM/Tom & Jerry/1966)
The Dot And The Line (MGM/1965)
Curiosity Shop (ABC/1971-73)
Doctor Dolittle (NBC/1970-72)
George Of The Jungle (ABC/1967-70)
Off To See The Wizard (ABC/1967-68)
Popeye (SYN/1961-63)
Calvin And The Colonel (SYN/1961-62)
King Leonardo (NBC/1960-63)
RAMADA INN (Simpsons)
MATTEL (Mighty Max)
TGI FRIDAYS (Simpsons)
1996 OLYMPIC GAMES (Exclusive Animation Rights)
PIZZA HUT (Bigfoot)
TOYOTA (Simpsons)
BUTTERFINGERS (Simpsons) (In the Dark - Annie Nominee)
TRIX (Breakfast Cereal, General Mills)
ALPO (Garfield)
MCDONALD'S (Garfield & Bobby's World)
MCDONALD'S (Garfield Glasses)
PLAYMATES (Garfield Wind-Ups)
KELLOGG'S (Garfield/magic)
AMERICAN EXPRESS (Garfield and Jim Davis)
STARKIST (Charlie The Tuna)
SERFIN (Mexico)
ACTION (B.C. Characters)
WEBERS BREAD (Peanuts Characters)

Lifetime Achievement Award, Imagen Foundation 1999
Trailblazer Award, Hispanic Magazine 1999
Hispanic Public Relations Assoc. Premio Award 1997
Emmy Award, "The Simpsons" (Three time Emmy winner ) Children's Advocacy Award 1997 International TV Programming Award 1996
500 Most Successful Hispanic-owned Business 1996
Entreprenuer of the Year, Entertainment Category 1995
Movieguide Award, "Tom & Jerry-The Movie" 1993
Emmy Award, "Garfield Babes & Bullets" 1989
Emmy Award, "Garfield Halloween Special" 1985
Emmy Award, "Garfield in the Rough" 1984

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