Subject: Richard Bazley

November 28, 1962 in Devon, England

Currently, Richard Bazley is a writer/producer/director at GBK Hybrid.
Previous occupation titles include inbetween artist, character clean-up,
additional animator, character animator, supervising animator, directing
animator, storyboard artist, and sequence director.

Bio Summary:
Interested in animation at a young age, Bazley eventually got to work his
childhood dream of becoming an animator for Disney and worked alongside
many famed animators, such as the famed British political cartoonist,
Gerald Scarf, and worked with director Richard Williams. Bazley says that
it was a big honor to work for Williams because he was one the the biggest
inspirations for him in the business and convinced him to do animation
professionally by watching his movies. Bazley worked on many projects as
lead animator for Hercules, Iron Giant, Pcohauntis, Osmosis Jones, and even
Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Bazley has extensive knowledge in the arts and
even has a Bachelor's in Graphic Design, He eventually set up Bazley Films
in 2000 and produced and directed a short film entitles The Journal of
Edwin Carp, featuring the voice actor Hugh Louie. Along with doing several
TV shorts and commercials, he also directed a Live Action Short Centurion

Early Life/Family:
Richard Bazley makes it a point in his biographies that he was interested
in animation from a very early age and managed to accomplish his dream. One
of the articles on his press page tells that Bazley was born and grew up in
Matford, although this article later makes an error, attributing The Iron
Giant to Disney rather than Warner Brothers. Bazley has a wife and two children,
both of whom sound more interested in football than art. He currently reside in
Box, England (as of May 2007).

Education/Training: Bazley received a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Graphic Design at the
Liverpool College of Art.

Career Outline:
Graduated from Liverpool College of Art and began working at an advertising
firm in London for two years. Began professional animation work as an inbetween
artist for Who Framed Roger Rabbit? No contract was offered because of immigration
laws at the time. Worked as clean up at Sullivan Bluth Studios/Don Bluth Entertainment
in Dublin, Ireland, on All Dogs Go to Heaven. He stayed with the studio, working as
an animator until its closure.

He went on to Disney, where he animated on some high-profile films,
including Pocahontas, Hercules, and Tarzan. After completing his work on Tarzan,
Bazley moved to Warner Brothers, working on the critically acclaimed film The Iron
Giant. His work with the studio continued with Osmosis Jones.

Bazley returned to the UK and set up Bazley Films in Crosham, where he produced
the animated short The Journal of Edwin Carp, one of the first films released
theatrically that was created using Flash. After this, he worked on numerous
commercials as a director, including his acclaimed commercials for Sky and Go
Compare, along with several episodes of television shows.

Eventually, Bazley shifted towards working in freelance, enjoying being
able to choose his projects. As of the present, he is working at GBK Hybrid, a film
production company he set up with Gary Kurtz and Paul Goodenough, as a director.

Comments On Style: Bazley's characatures for his big feature films are lively and fun.
Particularly the characters for Tarzan and Iron Giant. I also enjoy his
life drawing sketches; they have breathing lines which give the form life
and depth. His storytelling seems very passionate; you can really tell he
enjoys telling his stories with his storyboarding and directing skills with
all the attention he puts into them.

While he has a fondness for animating, in one of his interviews, he
mentions his true passion is directing. He feels as if that is "where my
head is at."

One of the biggest influences on him surprisingly came from the source
material for The Iron Giant. Bazley had actually pitched the idea to Don
Bluth's Studios.

As mentioned in the biography, Richard Williams was a big influence on
Bazley, which inspired him to do animation professionally.

Bazley has a hard-working, persistant attitude, making an emphasis of it in
his numerous interviews. He is also the type of person who prefers to
choose his projects, risking his money to start his own business and
freelancing, rather than continuing his studio. As he said in one
interview, "the only way I've been able to survive all the ups and downs is
to really love the medium." working in 3D, as well. He is also against shipping off production overseas
in the name of budgetary reason.

Anecdotes: In numerous articles posted online, he has made it a point to say that nine
years before Warner Brothers released The Iron Giant, Bazley had pitched
the idea of making a film based on Ted Hughes's The Iron Man to Sullivan
Bluth Studios.

In one interview for Animation Insider, he was asked what was one of the
crazier jobs he had before going into animation. Bazley talked about one
concept for a spoof ad he had for Tatler Magazine with the subject of
euthanasia, in which he had photographed a coffin and put a coupon in
asking for your information. The headline for it read FILL THIS SPACE.
He can also do a pretty good Donald Duck voice.

Bazley also co-authored and contributed to numerous books: As Co-Author:
2000 Flash-Cartoons And Games
2001 Flash 5 Cartoons And Games f/x And Design
2002 Flash X Cartoons f/x & Design
Contributed to: 2006 Macromedia Flash 8 Bible

A lot of visual development work can be found on his website at This includes storyboards, character development, and
sketches, as well.

According to IMDB -
In Animation: 2014 The Tom and Jerry Show (TV Series) (storyboard artist - 2 episodes)
- Dinner Is Swerved/Bottled Up Emotions (2014) ... (storyboard artist)
- Here's Looking A-Choo Kid/Superfied (2014) ... (storyboard artist)
2011 Little Big Panda (storyboard artist)
2010 The Illusionist (animator)
2008 The Mr. Men Show (TV Series) (storyboard artist - 1 episode) - Paint/Fish (2008) ... (storyboard artist)
2008 Chop Socky Chooks (TV Series) (storyboard artist - 5 episodes) - Planet of the Bubba (2008) ... (storyboard artist)
- His Master's Choice (2008) ... (storyboard artist)
- Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Breath (2008) ... (storyboard artist)
- Game Over Chooks! (2008) ... (storyboard artist)
- Now You Coliseum, Now You Don't ... (storyboard artist)
2007 Slacker Cats (TV Series) (animator - 1 episode)
- Casino Miaow (2007) ... (animator)
2006 Barnyard (animation supervisor)
2005 The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (animator - uncredited)
2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (character animator: Framestore CFC)
2003 El Cid: The Legend (animation supervisor: Bazley Films)
2003 Looney Tunes: Back in Action (animator)
2003 The Cunning Little Vixen (TV Movie) (sequence director) / (storyboard artist)
2002 Eight Crazy Nights (assistant animator)
2002 Pongwiffy (TV Series) (storyboard artist - 2002)
2001 Osmosis Jones (supervising animator)
1999 The Iron Giant (supervising animator)
1999 Tarzan (additional animator)
1997 Hercules (supervising animator: "Amphitryon" and "Alcmene")
1995 Pocahontas (animator: "John Smith")
1995 The Pebble and the Penguin (directing animator)
1994 A Troll in Central Park (character animator)
1994 Thumbelina (directing animator)
1991 Rock-A-Doodle (additional character animator)
1989-1990 Count Duckula (TV Series) (animator - 2 episodes)
- The Great Ducktective (1990) ... (animator)
- In Arctic Circles (1989) ... (animator)
1989 All Dogs Go to Heaven (character clean-up artist)
1988 Who Framed Roger Rabbit (inbetween artist)

As Director:
2016 Offbeat (announced)
2015 The Chimeran (announced)
2014 Centurion Resurrection (Short)
2014 Lost Treasure Hunt (TV Movie)
2012 Full English (TV Series) (2 episodes)
- Bank to the Future (2012)
- Mangina (2012)
2009 Rocket the Reindeer (Short)
2000 The Journal of Edwin Carp (Short)

As Writer:
2016 Offbeat (announced)
2014 Centurion Resurrection (Short)
2000 The Journal of Edwin Carp (Short)

As Producer:
2016 Offbeat (executive producer) (announced)
2015 The Chimeran (executive producer) (announced)
2014 Centurion Resurrection (Short) (executive producer) / (producer)


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