Ruth Elliott
(Though some screen credits spell 'Elliot' with one 't', the proper spelling is with 2 't's!).
My married name as of 2014 is now Ruth Elliott-Hilsdon.


Founder/Director of EduDesigns, Creator of GoMommyGO«. Author of Children's Books, Animator, Illustrator, Composer, Musician.

Bio Summary:
Born in CA, Raised in Texas and NY. Mother was an artist, Father an engineer. Distantly related to Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry Ward Beecher and Aaron Burr. Early Life/Family:
My mother was an advertising artist who WOWED me with her drawing skills and inspired me to want to be an artist too.

HS of MUSIC and ART, NYC. Assorted college classes in Fine Art, Life Drawing, Design, 3D and studies in computer graphics, Flash animation and web design.

In 1978 I took Hanna Barbera's Assistant Animation Class. Boy was I lucky - it was the LAST YEAR Hanna Barbera gave the class! They hired me to work first in the Model Department with Bob Singer, Sandra Young and Curtis Kim who coached me all the way. I am eternally grateful for all I learned from them. Then I transferred to the Assistant Animation Department and worked on Scooby Doo, The Smurfs, and other H&B show from 1979-1988.

Every place I worked furthered my education in Animation and other skills.

Here is a brief resume of some of those jobs:

Also a page showing Letters of Recommendation written for me over the years:

Career Outline:
What? Outline? Does that imply a PLAN? It must have been Divine planning. I always longed to draw cartoons as a little kid, so someone up there must have been listening. I also wanted a big family and got my wish there, too. While raising 7 kids I did my best each day for 27 years in the animation industry, trusting God to keep me employed to support the family. In the beginning, the hardest part was learning to 'cold call' people I didn't know in the studios to ask for work. After I got to know everyone, it still demanded good social skills to continue networking, as the jobs in animation are rarely long lived. Some jobs could last a whole 6 months, or as long as a year and a half. But such jobs were rare. Most only lasted a couple of months, and some as little as two weeks for a rush job on a commercial deadline, etc. Face it: Once the movie/show/project is done, they don't need you to draw it again! Then you have to go out and get another job. And so it goes on and on. Animation is not for the faint-hearted. It's not a stable position, so you must really love it. But it's do-able if you are a self starter and very determined not to give up.

After I retired I founded EDU DESIGNS, a non-profit that creates media for children's character development, including Free Illustrated Behavior Charts from GoMommyGO«.

Am I a teacher? Yes. I AM. Do I have a degree? I'm a retired animator, mom of 7 kids, and I love to share what I know with younger people and adults. And there's no degree for that. But maybe there should be!

Comments On Style:
Style? When you work in Animation, unless you are the creative director in charge of the show, you usually have to follow the style other people set before you. In my job of Character Clean-up, I did a good job matching others' styles. When I was allowed to create my own character poses and designs, I suppose I'd say I was ''Playful and Emotional''.

For instance: An illustration I created for Rugrats:

I have had time to think about what is really important for the past 65 years. Now that my kids are grown, I'm doing what I can to improve media for children's character development through the non profit I founded, EDU DESIGNS, and the site I created to share Parenting Tips, GoMommyGO«.

Here are some of my ideas at:

My Mom, who taught me what good character was, and my Children and family, who helped hone mine. Movie makers like Walt Disney, Bill and Sue Kroyer, Jun Falkenstein, Mark Andrews, Frank Capra, and Guillermo del Toro who demonstrated how to "Show it, Don't Tell It". Early cartoons like Popeye, Rocky and Bullwinkle and Bugs Bunny, etc; Art teachers: Glenn Vilpuu, Jim Franzen, Steve Houston, Art Scott, and others. People whom I worked for or with: Skip Morgan, Jim Valeri, Jody Schaeffer, Sam Cornell, Dori Herrick, Bob Singer, Sandra Young, Curtis Kim; Bill Hanna, Joe Barbera, Peter Chung, Max Howard. Fellow Artists, Animators and Story Writers, etc: Brad Bird, Dave Tendlar, Bronwyn Barry, Barry Cook, Jay Sarbry, Ernesto Lopez, Milt Kahl, Chuck McCann, Robert Peluce, Carole King, James Taylor, Dhyana Coburn, Philo Barnhart, Scott Shaw!, Carol Police, Maureen Trueblood, Mary D'Angelo, Patrick Fitch, Carl Wilson, June Foray, John Rosen, Alison Sgroi, Glen Keane, Frank Gladstone, Eric Abjornsen, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, Irv Spence, Jessie Cosio, Dave Nimitz, Peter Gullerud, Tim Hauser, Amanda Seward, My H.S. Principal Gabe Kossakoff, Michael Kamen, LA Supervisor Michael Antonovich, and so many others I have neglected in this brief list. Forgive me if you are not on it. If we know each other, consider yourself added in spirit. Each one of you has been precious to me and I am grateful for your influence in my life!

Can you tell, yet?

When a 4th grader interwiewed about my job once, she asked, "What are the dangers of the job?" All I could think of was, "Falling asleep at your desk!"

After that I exitedly asked my son, "Would you like to learn Animation? I'll teach you EVERYTHING I KNOW!" to which he replied, "Heck NO, MA! I don't wanna work THAT hard!" He had seen me slaving away, nose to the lightboard, till 2 AM most nights -and too many years - to fall for that temptation.

However, the worst "dangers of the job" story I ever heard was from Tex Avery, who lost his eye when someone sailed a paper airplane through the air that had a pushpin at the point of it. They didn't see him coming around the corner and it landed right in his eye. I was working at Hanna Barbera when I heard the story firsthand, after I introduced my 4 year old son to Tex. Looking up at him, the first thing 4 year old Jon said was, "What happened to your eye?" Tex just went ahead and told him the whole story, right on the spot, with a clear warning never to put a tack at the end of a paper airplane, "...because you never know where it will land." My son never forgot the lesson, and has been cautious ever since.

A musician all my life, I worked for 6 years for the Beach Boy's Mike Love as assistant to my late husband who was the Property manager. I ended up serving in various capacities, as a gourmet vegetarian cook, nanny to his kids, secretary, receptionist to visiting dignitaries and as a recording artist was offered an exclusive songwriting contract by Love Songs, Inc.

See IMDB and my (old) resume:
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2010 The Night Princess (Video short) (animator)
2002 Larry Boy: The Cartoon Adventures (TV Series) (clean-up animation department coordinator - 2002)
2001 Rugrats (TV Series) (assistant animator - 1 episode)
- Tommy Pickles and the Great White Thing (2001) ... (assistant animator)
2000 The Tigger Movie (additional clean-up artist)
1999 The King and I (character clean-up artist)
1998 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (Video) (clean-up artist: Spaff Animation)
1998 Quest for Camelot (key assistant animator: United States)
1996 Space Jam (assistant animator)
1994 The Swan Princess (key assistant animator: "Puffin")
1994 David Macaulay: Roman City (TV Movie documentary) (assistant animator)
1993 Once Upon a Forest (assistant animator - as Ruth Elliot)
1993 The Princess and the Cobbler (assistant animator: Calvert/Cobbler Productions)
1992 FernGully: The Last Rainforest (assistant animator - as Ruth Elliot)
1990 Hollywood Dog (TV Movie) (assistant animator - as Ruth Elliot)
1990 Jetsons: The Movie (assistant animator - as Ruth Elliot)

1990 The Simpsons (TV Series) (cleanup artist - 5 episodes)
- Krusty Gets Busted (1990) ... (cleanup artist - as Ruth Elliot)
- The Crepes of Wrath (1990) ... (cleanup artist - as Ruth Elliot)
- Homer's Night Out (1990) ... (cleanup artist - as Ruth Elliot)
- Life on the Fast Lane (1990) ... (cleanup artist - as Ruth Elliot)
- The Telltale Head (1990) ... (cleanup artist - as Ruth Elliot)
2010 The Night Princess (Video short) (executive producer) / (producer)
2010 The Night Princess (Video short)
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2010 The Night Princess (Video short)
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2010 The Night Princess (Video short)

Other Works: Author and Illustrator of The Richest Kid In The Poorhouse, ęDavid & Ruth Elliott, 1999.

Honors: Honored Inclusion in the Registry of Worldwide Who's WhoWorldwide Who's Who 2013.
Additional Honors & Awards. 1989-90 Primetime EMMY AWARDS for THE SIMPSONS, Best Author AWARD in 1999 from Partnership Publishing.
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