Steven Lisberger

Birth: April 24, 1951 New York, New York

Writer, Director, Animation Department, Art Director, Producer, Actor, Visual Effects

Bio Summary
Steven Lisberger was born in New York, New York in 1951 and grew up in Hazelton, Pensylvania. He attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts and is best known for his work on TRON in 1982.

Early Life/Family
Lisberger was born in 1951 in New York City and grew up in Hazleton, Pennsylvania.

While attending the museum school, he and five associates formed Lisberger Studios. Their first project of note was Cosmic Cartoon which earned a Student Academy Award nomination in 1973. It was also featured in the Fantastic Animation Festival in 1977. Lisberger directed the production, from 197477, of commercials, title sequences and feature segments for such shows as the ABC-TV children's series Make a Wish. In 1978, after moving to Venice, California, Lisberger and his business partner Donald Kushner conceived and produced a 90-minute animated film, Animalympics, for NBC-TV's aborted coverage of the 1980 Olympics.

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Personality: Based on a number of interviews, Lisberger seems to be a well rounded, laid back person. He has stated that he finds that he is able to inspire others more than he is able to inspire himself.


He did not anticipate Tron to be so influential. He is also proud that he and his team created something that stood the test of time.

1973 Cosmic Cartoon (Director, Art Director, Animation Department)
1977 Fantastic Animation Festival (Animation Department, Art Director)
1980 Animalympics (Writer, Director, Producer)
1982 TRON (Writer, Director, Visual Effects)
1987 Hot Pursuit (Writer, Director)
1989 Slipstream (Director)
2010 TRON: Legacy (Writer, Producer, Actor)
2012 Reality Run (Writer)
2012 TRON Uprising (Writer)


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