Tony Claar
*Birth: 1952

Teacher, Animator, Filmmaker, Painter, Cartoon Illustrator and Designer.

Claar worked in Hollywood’s big Animation studios. He holds 17 years experience in teaching animation and is still teaching today along with working on personal and freelance projects.

*Bio Summary:*

Master Class – Richard Williams Animation 3 day masters class 1995
Fulbright Scholership and Grant, Zagrab-Film School of Animated Film 1975-1982
San Francisco State University BA Cinema: specialization in Animation, Art and Cinema.

*Career Outline:*
Assistant Animator, Bagdasarian Productions 1987

Stop-motion animation and 35 mm Animation Camera operation of clay cartoon. 1987-1988

Animator, Assistant Animator. Storyboard Artist. Character Designer Colossal Pictures 1987-1991

Animator, Director, Storyboard Artist, Character Designer 1990-1992

Animator, Assistant Animator. Bakshi Productions 1991-1992

Storyboard & Layout Artist. Disney TV 1992

Animation, Character Design, Storyboard Artist, Writer. Shadow and Light Productions 1992-1994

Animator, Character Designer, Storyboard Artist. The Learning Company 1994-1996

Teacher: Traditional Hand-drawn and Digital Animation. Vista Community College (Berkeley City College) 2002-2002

Teacher: Traditional Hand drawn and Digital Animation. Cogswell Polytechnical College 1998-2004

Teacher: Traditional Hand-drawn and Digital Animation. Academy of Art University 2004 -2011

Cinematic Storytelling Teacher. Academy of Art University 2008 – Present

CEO/Creative Director: Claar Toons Animation Studios 1997- Present

Early life/Family:
Tony Claar was born and raised in California in a middle class family in the bay area. He grew up in a great time of inspiration and freedom in the 60’s and 70’s he was introduced to Arts in an early age, his mother took him to museums, Claar was mesmerized by Van Gogh’s painting up close, he examined the thick brush stocks of bright crisp colors, and was inspired to become a great artist.

Growing up Claar watched Disney, WB, and UPA cartoons. He fell in love with animation.

After High School Claar attended San Francisco State University majoring in Film and minoring in Art, he than worked hard and earned the Fulbright Scholarship and Grant, he worked with great animators and film makers in the Zagreb Film Studio in Croatia. He was mentored by award winning filmmakers. Claar worked closely with Zdenko Gasparovic on his 1978 Satienmania, The film won many awards in festivals worldwide. He worked hard on expanding his knowledge learning Croatian traveling Europe visiting museums and animation studios.

Growing up Claar was always exited, seeking. His experience in Zagreb film refined his skills and developed his style and gave him great experience working in a studio environment. He worked in a number of studios in the Bay area, Studio City and Hollywood. Claar worked on feature animation, TV Cartoons and Commercials, With great Animators like Ralph Bakshi

One of Claar’s great and ongoing achievements is his 17 years of teaching experience, in 4 colleges in the Bay area.

Claar spends most of his day sketching. He always has a personal project going aside from his freelance work.

He likes creative animation that is original in idea and infused with a unique style.

Claar works with pencil and paper for the most part. He works with ink, acrylic and watercolor. He scans his sketches and work on flipbook 2D software and using a Wacom tablet.

*Comments On Style:*
Claar’s animation style is a well done tight but minimal animation. His animation is always infused with humor.

Claar was influenced by the TV cartoons produced by Disney, UPA and WB Cartoons. He was also influenced by his learning experience in Croatia where he worked closely with great film makers, on award winning animation.

*Personality: *
Claar has a very pleasant personality very outgoing, he has a great deal of knowledge. From a phone call and an emails he sounds like kind and welling to share his knowledge and experiences. Talking to Claar was informal and done like having coffee with a friend and talking about Art and Animation.

*Anecdotes: *
*“*Talent is talent keep learning”

“Animation never gets boring”

Animation Department
(Animator) Whim Cycles 2013
(Animator) Lieing Man (Video Short) 2008
(Cinematographer) Lieing Man (Video Short) 2008
(Assistant Animator) Cool World 1992
(Additional Assistant Animator) FernGully: The Last Rianforest 1992
(Assistant Animator) The Chipmunks: Rockin’ The Decades (TV Movie) 1990
(Layout Artist) Chip ‘n’ Dale Rescue Rangers (TV Series)
Parental Discretion Retired 1989
Bearing Up Baby 1989
The Carpetsnaggers 1989
Three Men and a Booby 1989
Risky Beesness 1989
Pound of the Baskervilles 1989
Adventures in Squirrelsitting 1989
Kiwi’s Big Adventure 1989
Out of Launch 1989
Flash the Wonder Dog 1989
Dale Beside Himself 1989
Catteries Not Included 1989
Piratsy Under the Seas 1989

Fulbright Scholership Award, Post-graduate studies in hand-drawn animation, characters design and directing, 3.8 1975-1982

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