WOLF Bernard "Berny"

- Birth: July 19th, 1911
- Death: September 7th, 2006

- Occupation: Animator, Inker, Storyboard and layout, Producer, Designer

- Family: Lauren and Kathy (Daughters), Muriel (Wife)

- Career: Bernard started his animation career working for Krazy Kat cartoons as an inker and than moving onto working at Max Fleischer’s Inkwell Studios as an inker as well.

He became good friends with fellow animators Shamus Culhane and Al Eugster, and often worked with one another at a variety of different studios throughout their long careers.

He is well known as working on Betty Boop cartoons, one of which is “The Old Man of the Mountain” was shown in class.

He than moved to California with his friends, Shamus and Al, and started to work at Ub Iwerks’ studio, and worked along side with Grim Natwick.

Then, in 1938, the three animators started to work for Disney Studio. Wolf is admired by animators for his animation work done with Jiminy Cricket in “Pinocchio”, as well as the Centaurs scenes in “Fantasia” as well as his clown silhouette scene in “Dumbo”.

Mark Kausler, an animator and historian, claims that Walt Disney “made it hard for “old-timers” and ex-New Yorkers at his studio” and by the time of the 1941 Disney strike, Wolf left to work and MGM cartoons, he did storyboard and layouts for Tex Avery.

During the 1950’s through the 1980’s, Wolf worked for Disneyland designing attractions, at well as the walkaround character costumes.

Wolf also created educational and industrial cartoons, for different companies such as Toyota. During the seventies, Wolf established a company located at Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake called Animedia. During the 1980’s, he worked for Hanna-Barbera, and shortly after he retired.

- Personality: On Mark Evanier’s blog, he said that Wolf was “a helluva talent and a true gentleman” and has described him, as being “by all accounts was a very nice man.”

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