William H. Frake III


character designer, story artist, layout artist, Director and writer

Early Life/Family


Career Outline:
“Having spent time in nearly every aspect of the process, from character
designer and story artist to layout artist and writer, Bill has lent his
talent and vast knowledge to many departments on over 30 different films
and television series”– Brownstones to Red Dirt Postcard Art Benefit Blog

According to his filmography, his career in animation started in 1973 as an
assistant artist for TV animation. From that time, he continued worked for
TV animation for about 20 years as storyboard artist, layout artist,
character designer and so on. He also worked for Disney Company, and other
animation companies. Currently he is working for Blue Sky Studios.

Comments On Style:




The Iron Giant (1999) (layout/workbook department head) (as Bill Frake)
A Troll in Central Park (1994) (live action reference model) (as Bill Frake)

1. Epic (2013) [additional story artist]
2. Rio (2011) [additional story artist] [additional visual development]
3. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaura (2009) [staging and composition/additional story]
4. Surviving Sid(2008) (V) [additional storyboard artist]
5. Horton Hears a Who! (2008) [storyboard artist]
6. Ice Age: The Meltdown (2006) [storyboard artist]
7. Robots (2005)
[storyboard artist] 8. Gone Nutty (2002) (V) [Writer] (story) Ice Age (2002) [lead layout artist] [storyboard artist]
9. The Iron Giant (1999) [Pre Production designer]
10. Fantasia/2000 (1999) [pre production designer] [pre-production designer] [visual development]
11. The Iron Giant (1999) [layout/workbook department head]
12. Quest for Camelot (1998) [head of layout and workbook]
13. Hercules (1997) [layout artist] (as Bill Frake)
14. Pocahontas (1995) [key layout/workbook]
15. The Pebble and the Penguin (1995) [storyboard artist]
16. Joseph's Reunion (1995) (TV) [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake)
17. A Troll in Central Park (1994) [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake) [live action reference model]
(as Bill Frake) 18. Pocahontas (1994/I) (V) [story artist] (as Bill Frake*)*
19. The Story of Ruth (1994) (V) [story artist] (as Bill Frake)
20. Thumbelina (1994) [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake)
21. "Animaniacs: Branimaniacs/The Warners and the Beanstalk/Frontier Slappy (#1.51)" (1994) TV Episode [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake)
22. Elisha (1994) (V) [story artist] (as Bill Frake)
23. Florence Nightingale (1993) (V) [story artist] (as Bill Frake)
24. Rock-A-Doodle (1991) [set research and design]
25. “Muppet Babies (1989) TV Episode [background designer] (as Bill Frake)
26. Beany and Cecil (1988) TV Episode [layout artist] (as William Frake III) [Director] segment director
27. Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) [layout artist: additional animation] ... aka "Roger Rabbit" - Japan *(English title)* *(imdb display title)*
28. "Snorks" (1984) TV series [character designer] (1987) (as William Frake III) [key layout artist] (1987) (as William Frake III)
29. "Pound Puppies: Cooler, Come Back (#2.13)"(1987) TV Episode [character designer] (as William Frake III) [key layout artist] (as William Frake III)
30. "Sylvanian Families: Founders Keeper/Little Ms. Woodkeeper (#1.13)" (1987) TV Episode [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake)
31. "Muppet Babies: Invasion of the Muppet Snackers (#4.8)" (1987) TV Episode [background designer]
32. "Pound Puppies: The Rescue Pups/Good Night, Sweet Pups (#2.7)"(1987) TV Episode [character designer] (as William Frake III) [key layout artist] (as William Frake III)
33. "Sylvanian Families: There's No Place Like Home/Tough Enough (#1.8)" (1987) TV Episode [storyboard artist] (as Bill Frake)
34. 35. "My Little Pony 'n Friends: The Prince and the Ponies (#2.13)"(1987) TV Episode [layout artist] (as Bill Frake) [storyboard director] (as Bill Frake)
36. Scooby-Doo Meets the Boo Brothers(1987) (TV) [character designer] (as Bill Frake)
37. “Bionic Six (1987) TV Episode [graphics] (as Bill Frake)
38. Bill Frake)
39. Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats(1987) (TV) [character designer] (as William Frake III) [key background layout]
40. The Great Mouse Detective (1986) [layout artist] (uncredited)
41. "Punky Brewster" (1985) TV series [layout artist] (1985) (as Bill Frake)
42. "The Chipmunks: Mind Over Matterhorn/Alvin's Oldest Fan (#3.10)"(1985) TV Episode [layout artist] (as Bill Frake)
43. The Black Cauldron (1985) [layout artist] (as William Frake III)
44. Cabbage Patch Kids: First Christmas(1984) (TV) [layout artist] (as Bill Frake III)
45. The Little Brown Burro (1978) (TV) [assistant animator] (as Bill Frake)
46. Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure(1977) [background assistant] (as Bill Frake)
47. "Schoolhouse Rock!" (1973) TV series [assistant artist]


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