Zack Schwartz

Birth: March 6, 1913
Death*:January 13, 2003 Israel

Animator, Art Director, Production Designer

*Career Outline*:
Worked for Disney in the early 1930's until the Strike in 1941; Worked for Screen Gems from 1941-1943; Co founded Industrial Films and Poster Service 1944 the company that became United Productions of America (UPA) in 1946; Co-founded Tempo; Taught animation in Israel

*Comments on Style*: •worked mostly in limited animation (reusing common parts between frames, rather than redrawing entire frames)

• “Our camera is closer to being a printing press, in the way we use it, than it is to being a motion picture camera.”-Zack Schwartz

•”Hell Bent For Election” was made in Zack Schwartz's apartment because UPA did not have a studio in 1944
(I question this fact. Was Zack living at the Olson Building because that was where Martha Sigall was doing ink and paint? It could be, because funds were tight and he had to quit his day job to run Hell Bent. This just doesn't ring true. They had jobs before Hell Bent and they started the studio, which wasn't named UPA until after Zack and Dave left by the way, it the days of the Disney strike. - Larry Loc)


•Wrote a book with Jim McCaulay (a colligue from Sheradon) called, *And Then What Happened?*
•Taught at Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada in the 1980's and 90's
•Helped develop the animation department at Sheridan along with Kaij Pindal


1999 “Fantasia/2000” (segment “The Sourcer's Apprentice”) (art director)
1947 “Clearing The Way” (short) (animator)
1947 “Expanding World Relationships” (short) (Production Designer)
1946 “Flight Safety: After the Cut” (short) (layout artist)
1945 “A Few Quick Facts: Fear” (short) (Production Designer)
1945 “A Few Quick Facts: Fear” (short) (layout artist)
1944 “Hell-Bent for Election” (short) (Production Designer)
1944 “Lend Lease” (short) (Production Designer)
1944 (1946) “Flat Hatting” (short) (layout artist)
1943 “He Can't Make It Stick” (short) (layout artist)
1943 “Willoughby's Magic Hat” (short) (layout artist)
1943 “Professor Small and Mr. Tall” (short) (layout artist)
1943 “The Vitamin G-Man” (short) (layout artist)
1942 “Song of Victory” (short) (layout artist)
1942 “Old Balckout Joe” (short) (layout artist)
1942 “Wolf Chases Pigs” (short) (layout artist)
1942 “Concerto in B Flat Minor” (short) (layout artist)
1940 “Fantasia” (segment “The Sourcer's Apprentice”) (art director)
1938 “Wynken, Blynken & Nod” (short) (layout artist)


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