The goals of this student research project are two fold. First to teach the student about the process of original research. And secondly to create a central data base on animators. Quite often the student does not raise to the task of original research and the finished report is in a incomplete form. For those who embrace the process there is the added side benefit of interacting with people in the animation industry.

I started assigning my students animators as research project back when I was on the Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood. At that time, all the Animator Mini-Bios were hosted on the ASIFA-Hollywood web site under the URL an address that ASIFA sadly relinquished.

Over the years and with the changing of the guard at ASIFA-Hollywood more than 12 years of my student's research have been removed from the ASIFA-Hollywood web site. Stupidly, I did not keep back ups and I have been unable to get ASIFA-Hollywood to look through their web site backups for this research and either re-post it or allow me to post it.

There is almost always an up side, that 12 years of lost research covered the bigger names in animation. Names that are not that impossible to re-research. What we have here is the solid backbone of the contemporary animation industry. The people who are making or have made the animation of our times. But may not get the recognition they deserve.

Animators Hall of Fame