David Gottlieb

Name: David Gottlieb

Occupation/Title: Founder of D. Gottlieb and Company

Bio Summary:
David Gottlieb is the founder of D. Gottieb and Co, now known just as Gottlieb. He is known as a showman and inventor. He can be considered the person who paved the way to computer and video gaming of today because of his invention of the Baffle Ball. He created a game called Baffle Ball in 1931. David Gottlieb in description was a short, stocky man who had a cigar in his mouth. He had a head full of brown hair. David Gottlieb and Company first made mechanical pinball tables, and later electric pinball tables.

Early Life/Family:
It was said the he once lived off from bringing carnival games to workers in oil fields of the Midwestern oil fields.


Career Outline:
Imported carnival typed games to Midwestern oil field workers, and later founded D. Gottlieb and Company. David Gottlieb established his company in 1927, and in 1931 created Baffle Ball, and this was the hit that started off in the success of his company.

Impact on Gaming:
He paved the way to videogames and computer games of today by inventing Baffle Ball, and other games related to pinball.


He was very inventive on what he does, and would always try to make the games “more fun”. He was an ambitious character, quoted from his grandson Michael Gottlieb, “He wanted to be the Cadillac of pinball machines” He valued quality so it was describe that David Gottlieb would use better quality walnut and more expensive metal to make his pinball machines. Miscellaneous: After David Gottlieb’s invention of the Baffle Ball there were a lot of imitations out in the market because people found out that the game sells. When “pay-out” was put into the pinball machine David Gottlieb feared that it would pose threat to the industry since it was a combination between pinball and gambling. Politicians quickly pinpointed that the game was illegal gambling and a lot of states especially New York banned the game. Major Fiorello LaGuardia was one opposed of pinball most. David Gottlieb set out to prove that the game was base more on skills as oppose to luck. It took him years to prove that pinball wasn’t base on luck. D. Gottlieb and Company was a corporation that focused in arcade gaming.

Stop and Sock (1931)
Baffle Ball (1931)
Mibs (1931)
Sweet heart (1954)
Relay (1934)
Playboy (1937)
Humpty Dumpty #1 (1947)
Bank-A-Ball #34 (1950)
Triplets (1950)
Wishing Well #107 (1955)
Happy Clown (1964)
Kings & Queens #? (1965)
Sky Line (1965)
Sing Along (1967)
Funland (1968)
Airport (1969)
Batter Up (1970)
2001 #298 (1971)
Flying Carpet #310 (1972)
Pro Pool (1973)
Big Shot (1973)
Big Indian #356 (1974)
Fast Draw #379 (1975)
Spirit of 76 #381 (1975)
Pioneer #382 (1975)
"300" #388 (1975)
Royal Flush (1976)
Sure Shot (1976)
Target Alpha (1976)
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