Agni Classics
PPF - a 1 Minute stop motion film by Larry Loc

Festival Screening P.P.F.


P.P.F. is finished and up at It is a private film because
most of the festivals will not accept a posted film. Did a numnber of changes in the last 2 days
Cut a 20 second trailer today which is also up at Filmfreeway. Set construction, animation, prop
design, rendering, editing and sound design took a total of 50 days. Full set stop motion is
faster than blue screen and mask cutting any day of the week. Now I have a book to update.


I uploaded a rough cut for critique. Asked some of my friends from my Kubert daze to take a look
and tell me what doesn't work. I can no longer see it because I have been staring at it for the
last 45 days of production.


I know I said I was going to let it set and I did. Re-rendered the end titles to incorporate some
new footage. 12 frame green ooze with a hold frame. Needed something more to give closure. The whole
animation is based on a 4-panel gag so timing is critical. Not that it isn't always. So now I will let
is set for a few days.


Finished the first pass at the sound design/film. I am going to let is set for a week
before going back and looking at it. I'm too close to it to see what is wrong and
what needs changing. Time to give it some time.


Filmed the lost scene this morning. May have to do some pick up shots later. Back on sound design
as of today. We will see how is shapes up.


Just got back to animating. Had to get my new class up and running. I have been cutting frames from
day one trying to get it all to come out at 1800 (one minute). Looks like I have done too good of
a job. Now I am coming in short.


Starting to work on the sound design. Want it to be a little stark and open without a real
score. Just kind of sound effects and a few jungle sounds with the dialog setting on top.


Did another rough lip sync test. Still a little raw but think I can fine tune this one into
something by timing in pauses and holds and cutting frames to fit the voice track. It is
currently on straight 2s so it is a bit hit and miss. Wish I had Eric Goldberg's timing.
He can do the whole thing in his head before ever hitting play. I have to beat on it to
get it to come out right.


Went out and saw Shaun the Sheep last week. It was by far the best thing Aardman has done in years
without having Nick Park at the helm. Nick of course is the gold standard. You can see his influence
all over Laika's films. You can see his influence all over Aardman films too. The Pirate Movie never
really gelled. Sorry Peter, just too much time in the front office. Shaun worked because there was so
much joy in making it that it leaked all over the screen. Shaun was basically a pantomime movie, full
sound but no real spoken words. It was a real risk but it paid off. The water effect were practical
which is nice to see. The smoke was CGI. This is to be expected. The plot is simple and the villain a
little two dimensional. But who cares, it was just plain fun. I am waiting for it to come to the cheap
theatre to see it again.


A little clean up on the model for close up shots. A new clay tongue in a nice blue/gray. Repaint the cigar.
ready for the next lip sync test.


More lip sync tests. Having trouble with the fanged reptile lips not being able to make a proper "OWw" shape.
Not sure if it is a disadvantage or maybe an advantage. Maybe I need to add a tongue. Maybe just a clay tongue
to add to the lip sync lacks caused by the lack of mouth mobility. Need to clean up the face and repaint the
cigar before the finished shot.


Have not been able to work of my animation because of prep for me upcoming class at Cal State Fullerton.
Have done a few edits and a rushed and failed lipsync test. Also pulled a close up of a sleeve from existing
animation. Did the Voice Track. So I guess I have been doing stuff just doesn't seem like it. Oh, I did a
cut down on a toy shotgun to make a sawed off shotgun for the last scene. So I guess I am doing stuff. The image
below is my San Padro cactus in bloom. I grew this beautiful 20 foot giant from an inch and a half dried cut segment
that Chris Kalnick gave me 30 years ago. Not even going to try for an analogy to the animation process.


I changed the size of the little black rain cloud hovering over the honey tree. By making it smaller
I avoided having to put a tie down into the head of my finished model. I now have a hat with rain cloud
and a hat without. The Friendly Plastic worked like a charm. I soaked the mold before using it and left
handles on the edges of the hat so that I could pull it easily. Did a rain test (see below) with a still photo
and it look good. May not have to create a deflect object after all. No tie down in the head and no CGI deflect
object. That makes me happy. Do have to do wire removal but that is a breeze compared to cutting masks.


Spent yesterday learning how to create a subtitle file. There is a festival in Argentina
that requires a SRT file that they can translate. Still on rocky ground here. Submitted "Race Gods
Race" yesterday. They had a free submission for one minutes films. "Innsmouth Turnpike" got accepted
in a comedy festival in San Antonio for November. Did a SRT file for it too as a test since I already
had the text. Not that San Antonio needs subtitles. Not sure that the subtitles will work or if I messed
it up with some beginner's mistake.

Today I am working on the hat and rain cloud. Going to have to put a tie down in the head of my existing
model. That should be fun, not. I am going to start with the mold of the hat. The rain is going to have to
be CGI. But it should cover up the support beam to the black cloud. Maybe if I wet the surrounding area
with water and put in deflect objects for the CGI rain it will read?


Started to film the brush off scene after our heroes are run off the road. Also trimmed
a bit more from the clapper title scene. Started building on the black cloud of doom that
floats above our hero in purple. I would love to do practical rain but fear I must go CGI
on this effect. Might even have to do the cloud CGI but am hoping to do it practical.


Finished scene 2. I am filming in order. Had to retime it a little
but got it doing what I want. I am going to have to fight for every frame
to make it come in right at 1800. Scene 2 is a lead to main characters intro.


Finished the set and started animating. Finished the opening titles and first scene.
(See link in upper left hand corner). Also finished the end titles. The total came out
to 688 frames or 23 seconds. Which leaves 1,112 frames or a little better than 37 seconds
for the main body of the film. The goal of 1800 frames or one minute is a hard task master
but I feel that it is an important goal that will sharpen my skills.

  1. Working to straighten out the corners of my set. Always a bit of a optical fight but there are a number of tricks that help.
    A tree here, a cloud there, a curved line that is going to look straight. More moss on the mountains on the back wall of the set.
    Shape the mounain a little more around the corner.

  2. Getting the black right in the cave mouth. Will have to do the same with the way into the woods. Black cloth does the trick.

  3. Need a large tree to cover the transition into the woods. I have been saving a dead tomato plant for that. Hot glue on a few plastic leaves.

My last two animations used a load of mats. One was under water and the other was flying. This time
out it is all sets with no blue screen. The animation is more time intense but so much easier in
post. Looking forward to not spending days and days cutting mats.

Using existing puppets
Deep One from Innsmouth Turnpike

Mr. Thurber, the narrator from
Pickman's Model with new hat and umbrella.

A Troll puppet I built during a
Wire Armature Building class last year

Finished Race Gods Race on July 11, 2015 started PPF on July 15th 2015.
It is another one minute animation and comes from the 4 panel gag above
that I did while at the Kubert School. (Last panel is a spoiler)