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Race Gods Race - a short stop motion film by Larry Loc

Festival Screening Race Gods Race

(All Double and Triple Meanings Meant)

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This animation grew out of my Wednesday night Stop Mo Video Chat Workshop. There is kind of a very loose Aardman Lip Sync vibe to the piece. But without any real lip sync. I am juxtapositioning the audio from old, world news reports of global conflict with stop motion conflict between national and racial mythic entities; witches, gods and demons. I am trying to get at the underlying super reality that subdivisions of humanity learn/create as part of their racial/national myth. And I am playing with the idea that these mythic constructs have a real effect on how groups of peoples interact with and sometimes even kill one another.

That sounds very high brow but I am also having real fun animating witches and dragons and blood and flames and Anubis fighting a skeleton ala Seventh Voyage of Sinbad. What more can you ask?

My last film was very genre in nature and aimed at a single festival that did accept it. But nobody else has seemed to want it. This time I am aiming a little wider but still having fun. I like festivals and being on stage gives me a chance to talk about Stop Motion, the red haired step child of animation education. (10 production videos attache to images above)

Gallery of Work in Progress