Background Ramblings

"Innsmouth Turnpike" came into being is a strange round about way. I have been updating my book "Stop Motion Animation on a Shoestring™" so that it will be available before WonderCon. At the same time I have been taking part in a Wednesday night Stop Mo Video Workshop. Turnpike grew out of showing the step by step of building a Deep One stop motion model and then demonstrating how to animate a model using a support beam and a dolly rig.

The story idea came straight from the Russ Heath / Michael O'Donoghue National Lampoon story "Cowgirls at War". If you are familiar with this visual masterpiece it might be hard to see the influence. There are no half naked girls in chaps fighting nazis tanks from horse back in my short animation. And mores the pity.

It is more the tone of the story that I was copying. The discussion of deep Existentialist philosophy and heart wrenching search for love that is completely disassociated from the absurdist imagery of naked cowgirls fighting World War Two German tanks with horses and lariats is the direct ancestor of this little film.

Okay, there is a bite of a jab at Academia too. I have been teaching part time in the Animation department of a State university for the last 14 years and there really is a ivory tower divorce from any form of reality coupled with rabid arrogance and petty in fighting in the so called halls of learning that crys out for ridicule.

"Innsmouth Turnpike" is a super short film, 1 minute 37 seconds. Shorter is almost always better. Boil that dust speck down. I judge and give feed back on animation shorts for Tee Bosustow's AniMazing Spotlight Film Festival and the biggest mistake I see is filmmakers belaboring the point to the point of tedium. Which I am in danger of doing with this text piece which is longer than the film it discusses. So I am done talking here.

(Note: There are 6 production videos linked to the poster and images back on the "Innsmouth Turnpike" film web site page.)