Mysticism is Game, Game is Mysticism!

You do not have to be an Occultist to play these games but the seeker will have a definite advantage because they will know the underpinning of reality within and without the game.

Hep-t Neter, , translates from Egyptian hieroglyphs as Seize and Bind the God. There are 5 modules in this game series. All of them are part of the same reality map. They are in the tradition of the Western Mystery Schools. And as such harken back to Egyptian magick in the same way that the Golden Dawn tried to connect themselves to Egypt.

Unlike the Golden Dawn or the Rosy Cross Society, the Mystics of Hep-t Neter are serious but do not approach mysticism in a direr and dourer demeanor. Nor do we seek to create an earthly church-like business. There should be laughter in the face of the unknowable not money changers and greed set on a pedestal. There are no gurus here, you must become your own.

This site is an initiation into the Mystery School tradition. As such 90% of the site is unseen and must be approached through secret paths hidden within plain sight in the outer temple.

There are secrets, secrets everywhere but they can not be communicated only experienced between the words and pictures. Everything comes from a single reality map. That includes, most definitely, The Book Without Bindings.