Hep-t Neter: Seize the God (TM)

is a hybrid Card/Computer/Board Game with 5 planned modules, the first 3 of which are standalone games.
The first module, Spell Master, is the Magick System that can be used throughout all 5 modules.

The overall game esthetic is derived from a metaphysical view of the nature of the Multiverse as it deals with
a reworked 3D Tree of Life and the Tarot Keys derived from this expanded map of reality.

The text dealing with this The Book Without Bindings has no direct importance to Spell Master, but it does
speak to the underlying fabric of all 5 games.


  • Module One: Spell Master (2011)

  • Module Two: Battle Master (2012)

  • Module Three: Spirit Master (?)

  • Module Four: ...

  • Module Five: ...