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Letter Bugger is a PSA about the plague of litter defacing our world. It has a definite horror/slasher sensibly. The time for Iron Eyes Cody hippie guilt has long passed. The current generation doesn't give a damn about guilt or nature. When I see litter I want to force feed it to the litterer. Maybe when they see my little film they will understand just how close I and others are to attacking them in the street for there mindless despoiling. You have been warned.


Just got Litter Bugger accepted into 300 Second Festival in Toronto, Canada for July 10, 2017. Not bad.


My PSA is finished as of last night. I loaded it up to FilmFreeways today. 3 minutes 13 seconds or 5,790 frames, 122 days, and a budget of $754.07 some of which is still usable like bulbs for lights, bicycle spokes for tie downs, lighting gells, liquad latex, etc. Gearing up for my next project. But maybe I will film one more short on the Litter Bugger set before I strike it. Now it is off to teach 7th and 8th graders stop motion.


I wrapped Principal Photography yesterday and started on sound design. 4/15/2016 to 11/26/2016 with classes taking a 2 month bite out of the schedule. I was a fool to think that I could keep up the same pace while doing all the other stuff. But I had to try. Already starting to plan my next project. I bought a lot of stuff for the new set when they came on the market during the seasonal sale for my favorite holiday.

11/25/2016 : third Post

Note: Before break gave me all this wonderful time to animate, one of my students got his animation in a children's film festival at LACMA. How cool is that? Below is a link to the Junior High Program Site that has more details.

11/25/2016 : Second Post


Reshooting the bottle throw / drunk pee scene tonight. The lighting on the first run through over powered everything. Also doing a dog poop scene. Which means I had to create a dog puppet today.


Going to have to make a dog puppet. Think it needs the added touch. For now here is a GIF of the drunk throwing the bottle and etc.


I have already animated the cut hand scene. I am setting up for the drunk throwing the bottle scene tonight. I am going all alchemist on the creation of the Trash Hound, trash, blood and maybe even pee. I may have a dog even adding feces. Depends on how the scene reads if I go that far.


Been animating for the last 3 days. Working on the transformation sceen where the trash turns into the Trash Hound and sets out for revenge on the despoilers.

Yesterday I drove into Studio City for the Afternoon of Remembrance committee meeting. Been contacting people all morning. I need to find speakers for 7 animation people who passed away this year. So far I have speakers for 2 thanks to my friend Tim Johnson at DreamWorks. Rita Street is helping with two more from Studio Ghibli. And I have an email in to Tee Bosustow about people who worked at UPA including Willis Pyle who I have met and who has effected my own animation. He did a walk cycle in Gerald McBoing-Boing that knocked my socks off.

One of my Junior High kids just got an animation accepted into LACMA Childrend Film Festival. How cool is that!

11/18/2016 second post

Shot a POV shot of a cup hitting a sign. POV the cup. My transparent clay it at the perfect consistency, as combo of the right weather and the right time setting. The sticky of a fresh batch is long behind me. Should hold at this point for a couple more months. Then it is down hill and sticky again. It is so good to be back animating. IT has been 2 months but it feels like 10. Okay, I did some animation demos for my Junior High kids and I have done a lot of sound design and editing also for them. But it is not the same and working on my own project.


I haven't posted much here since server problems broke the flow and everything else piled up to overwhelm. Took a walk in the Alisos Creek bed this morning. Trying to get back into the feeling of my SPA on littering. Didn't take long. About a quarter mile down the creek bed and I come on some flabby fornicator in protective garb and mask squatting in the back of a county pickup spraying weed killer into the creek bed water supply. George Carlin was right! We have blown it as a species. Maybe the cockroaches will have a better/smarter culture. Meanwhile I am planning shots again. Going to review the status of what I already have in the can. Do some animation over the Thanksgiving break.


AniMazSpot International Animation Feedback Festival Launched today. Still a lot of work to do the the festival, PR etc. Also have to finish voter research before the beginning of the month. But glad to say I have been out looking at the set and planning shots. This forced stopping of filming has been driving me crazy.

I really thought that I could keep everything going. Have been editing a lot of my student's work. This one

is a fun Lego dinosaur movie by Giovanni Torres (It needs a password - you can email me for it). It has just been Accepted to "The iPhone Film Festival" Beverly Hills. Good work Giovanni. And cool that the festival is close enough to attend.


Haven't been able to get much done on my Litterbugger PSA because of a lot of other things but I have to wonder what role a month of spotty to no FTP had do do with not moving forward. Or just what role my production blog has to do with working on my production. Hear me out here. I have always said that it doesn't matter if anybody reads what I write on my production blog. It is all about keeping me on track and working so that I have something to say about what I am doing. It is like I am faking myself into working on my production. Still don't know if my production would have stayed on track if my web host hadn't taking a giant dump? There were a lot of other things pushing on me from festival to stop mo classes to Cal State class. But I still have to wonder?

Went to the Daiso Japanese store today and found fake grass samples. Had to pick up some. Who knows how long they will have them? When I was building my current set I had to pop for $15 shipping for "free" (sic) samples.


I haven't posted here in a long time. Not because I haven't had anything to say but more because I had no way to say it. My web hosting site has been a mess. It took me 3 days to post my last post. Then the FTP died totally dead, dead, dead. They have kind of got it up and running again but it has been over a month of host problems with a good 3 weeks on no or little email and then an overlap of kind of email but no FTP. They are still a mess. It messed my Cal State class and the festival I am re-launching. I am ready to bail on this service. They did not handle it well. I spent yesterday backing up all of my files from their server.

Okay I also did do some sound design on one of the junior high stop mo animations. These two sweet seeming, butter wouldn't melt, junior high girls animated a scene with blood splattering and action figure body parts flying about the now blood drench set that I was trying to tune down with sound cues. Don't know how well I did. They were going to use red clay but I just hapened to have some of my red transparent clay because I had a box of my puppets for one of my students who has moved out of down shooter animation. The red transparent clay made the scene even more graphic. I am going to talk to the program head and see if we can even put this out with the school name on it.


The work world is taking a big toll on my animation. Writing tests and then grading them. Getting things ready for my stop mo class. The festival. All of it is adding up. Tomorrow is an early day at the Junior High but my after school class still starts at the same time. So it should be a little light on attendance. I am planning of going into tie downs and support beams. So far they have been using down shooter sets that cuts way down on tie downs and support. I just made a camera mount for an iPad. Going to assemble a set with a corkboard base. Add to that the fact that my web hosting service has not been. A bit of a mess that has not let me post this post. A thing defined by not being itself. FTP down for days and days. Been trying to upload this file for ever. Nothing but a blank page on my site.


Just got around to posting about my shoot last Wednesday night. "Skaterboy gets his!" Fun little shoot of a fun scene. I've got about 2/3 of the animation in the can. Things are running a lot slower than Summer shooting schedule with 2 different types of classes and the festival. Next it is the creation of the Trash Hount. And full out littering that brings him into being. It is very strange doing the whole film backwards but the set needs to look better in the end scenes and crappier at the beginning.


Animated skaterboarder gets his last night. Off to teach Junior Hight Stop Motion today. Then more work on the festival page and line up disks and tape for Monday night's class. I notice that my atop motion is morphing into something quicker and higher energy with the last of time to animate. Not sure if it is a bad thing or if it is a good thing. It is just the current thing.


I finally got out on the set this morning and did some clean up, set dressing and pre-lighting. It has been a rough 2 weeks with cold and festival site update and scheduling board meeting and editing Junior High School animation and updating the roll for my Fullerton class and writing the first quiz for Fullerton and it is time for me time. I am animating tonight. Yes I have more to do on the FilmFreeways page and everything else but enough is enough. The skateboarder gets his tonight.

Oh, and a co-production with one on my Junior High kids from last year just get in a festival in Spain.


Needs Password

It seems that since the beginning of the school year all I am always doing is listing the reasons that I am not getting my animation done. A lot of the reasons make me a little mad. Not this time. Just finished the edit on the first Ladera Vista Junior High School After School Art Conservatory Stop Motion Animation Program animation project. I had 17 kids out of 25 for their first session on Thursday Sept 1st. Not all of the student teams got their scenes in. Three groups had cloud access problems and two never emails their scenes. Be that as it may I was still able to edit together a 1 minute film with only the opening and ending taken from from my classroom demos.

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