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Letter Bugger is a PSA about the plague of litter defacing our world. It has a definite horror/slasher sensibly. The time for Iron Eyes Cody hippie guilt has long passed. The current generation doesn't give a damn about guilt or nature. When I see litter I want to force feed it to the litterer. Maybe when they see my little film they will understand just how close I and others are to attacking them in the street for there mindless despoiling. You have been warned.


Getting closer to the finish line but at that point were it seems that should be done now but it isn't quite yet and all the images below look just like all the images I have been posting for weeks and weeks and when am I going to get to the fun animation stuff? Did the last fences. Riverbed tomorrow along with the frame for the cover for the set which is also doubling as the third wall sky. I cut some bamboo from next to the riverbank and carried it home. Not the small riverbank for the set but the real size that the set is being modeled on.


Finishing touches, some paint and texture, fence work and a protective cover for when I am not animating. Then animatable water time. Some signage. Then I can start filming the after part before I litter it up a lot for the before scenes. Normally I have my camera set on 16:9 for standard movie scale but somehow in all the changes to get off closeup and onto something that will work in the dark without a flash I got a more old style TV.


Only worked a little bit on the set today. Spent the morning chasing down the background on Measure "A", formation on an Ethics Committee for Orange County. Seems the Grand Jury suggested it and the Board of Supervisors said it was a waste and now that they have reworked it so that they have full control over hiring and firing they are all for it. Who will Watch the Watchman. But something is better than nothing so I guess I will vote for it.

Went to see "Sleeping Beauty", the latest show that my daughter did all the costumes for. below are images.


Let's hear it for irony. I went out looking for Styrofoam today to use in the construction of my set for my PSA on littering and for the second time found large pieces of Styrofoam packing abandon in a parking lot by some thoughtless jerk too lazy to deposit it in the proper bin. The thing is I fully expected to find the Styrofoam packing material littered about and if I succeed it getting people to stop their thoughtless littering I might have to pay for the materials for my set. Large sections of my set are designed to be removable so that I can shoot from different angles. I am getting closer to the end of my build and hope to start filming in the next week or two. Still will have lots of puppet building to do as I go along. But it will be good to get back to animating. Been researching the candidates for public office. Some of them read like a demon's resume. Like the Judge censured for having sex in his chambers and trying to get a job at the courthouse for one of his sex kittens and retaliation against the person running against him. And it makes me mad that no one is going to do the research and vote this tool out of office.


Thought yesterday was last day for judging but it was still open today. Judged a total of 311 films, 25.9 hours. One had an Oscar nominated song, Miss Misery, on their sound track. Like they had the rights to that at the community college film class? The teacher doesn't even seem to know copyright law. I disqualified it on copyright violation. Waiting for the glue to dry on the river bed. Painted the fences. Started on the end of the bike ramp.


Gettin down to the end of the festival judging. I am at 280 films. If we take an avarage of 5 minutes per film. Some are longer and some are shorter and if they are stupid I jump through them to see if they get better. So say 5 minutes. That is 1440 minutes or 23 and a 1/3 hours. That is a lot of video and not much of it good. But the few great ones make up for it. Next it is local election research. I am the one in the family that researches the records of the people running. Not fun but someone has to do it. Some of these guys are crazy evil. Last election there was a sumbag who had tried to sell the fairground to himself and his buddies. Like I said, evil. The set is shaping up nicely. Hope to start animation in a week to two weeks.


I forgot how thin Strategicon always make me feel. I am at film 260 in the judging for the festival. That is 40%. Have only one more day. I was hoping to hit 50%. Running through a lot of Documentaries that have nothing to say, just follow people around. It might work if they followed people of interest but most of them follow boring people doing boring things. Got more work done on the set. Working on the river bed.


Strategicon tomorrow so no work on set for the 28th. But I got a lot done today, (Images below). Just viewed 211th film out of 636 films to judged. About 31%. Most are crap as alway but that 1 or 2 make it worth it. Nice little French Rom-Com called "Clean Dating" was sweet and fun. It seems that about 1/3 of the films are women in peril movies. A lot of them are Parking Structure women in peril movies. Its like when I was chairing the judging for the TV production Annie Awards and every 3rd episode was Ninja Robots because you can hit a robot with a sword but not a human. There is something sick/wrong with our world where a 1/3 of the filmmakers feel that filming a women running in terror is all they need for entertainment. Filmmakers should be the thinking/feeling people. And 1/3 of them think putting a women in danger is all the story they need. And some of these are female filmmakers.


Building more fences and painting the sky or skies, a night sky and a day sky. Painter's drop cloth is ideal. Bought and build a frame out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe to support the sky. Didn't take any pictures of the process because it was getting dark. Will assemble it tomorrow. Here are photos of the fence building.


Just saw Captain America: Civil War. Marisa Tomei as Aunt May that is a stupid as Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. Not as good as I hoped. Much-more-is-better field of filmmaking. Joss Whedon they are not.

Only have until May 30th to finish all my judging for the Bangladesh. There are 791 films that claim they are short films. There are 155 animated shorts that I can not judge because my students and I have films in that category. That brings the number down to 636. I counted up the films I have already judged at 180. So I am at 28%. A lot of them are crap. That is the way of the festival. So one or two stand outs.

Put in some more time on the set. Starting to build fences. (Good neighbors) Going to have to redo the sky. One for day and one for night.

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