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Letter Bugger is a PSA about the plague of litter defacing our world. It has a definite horror/slasher sensibly. The time for Iron Eyes Cody hippie guilt has long passed. The current generation doesn't give a damn about guilt or nature. When I see litter I want to force feed it to the litterer. Maybe when they see my little film they will understand just how close I and others are to attacking them in the street for there mindless despoiling. You have been warned.


Building more fences and painting the sky or skies, a night sky and a day sky. Painter's drop cloth is ideal. Bought and build a frame out of 1/2 inch PVC pipe to support the sky. Didn't take any pictures of the process because it was getting dark. Will assemble it tomorrow. Here are photos of the fence building.


Just saw Captain America: Civil War. Marisa Tomei as Aunt May that is a stupid as Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One. Not as good as I hoped. Much-more-is-better field of filmmaking. Joss Whedon they are not.

Only have until May 30th to finish all my judging for the Bangladesh. There are 791 films that claim they are short films. There are 155 animated shorts that I can not judge because my students and I have films in that category. That brings the number down to 636. I counted up the films I have already judged at 180. So I am at 28%. A lot of them are crap. That is the way of the festival. So one or two stand outs.

Put in some more time on the set. Starting to build fences. (Good neighbors) Going to have to redo the sky. One for day and one for night.


Had to run up to Fullerton this morning for school stuff. Spent time in the afternoon working on the set. It is coming along nicely. Sand in wet paint most times a nightmare, but not if you are trying to fake concrete. Then an over spray of white to lock the look and texture. The fake grass looks good. Made a few trees. Fractals are major cool. Small part of a tree looks like the whole tree.

Got lots of short films to judge before the 30th. for the festival in Bangladesh. I am only judging short non animated films. My students and I have a number of animations in judging so I can't judge animations. There are 791 films classed as shorts and I have judged maybe 70 or 80 of them. Even skipping animations that is a lot. Their definition of short and my definition differ quite a bit. They class anything under 38 minutes as a short. I tend to think of shorts as 7 minutes or maybe 12 minutes. Anything long most times need editing down to 7 to 12 minutes. My favorite by far is "Hemp Master: the way of the weed" which comes in at 17:08. There is currently nowhere it can be seen except festivals. There is a trailer on the Internet but it doesn't do justice.


Just got 5 films accepted into
3rd International
Mister Vorky Festival of One Minute Film
Ruma, Serbia
3rd, 4th & 5th of June 2016

30. JUMP, Logan Brown& Jackson Jerome& Jarrett Hoskinson& Eddie Mendoza& Bailee Brown& Larry Loc, United States,2015,Animation film
31. RACE GODS RACE, Larry Loc, United States, 2015, Animation film
32. SKYVIEW ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FIRST ANIMATION, Samuel Bernal& Amyia Carder& Josh Harris& Deanna Hayes& Aundrea Hermosillo& Arthur Melina& Isabell Munoz & Jason Reynoso& Alicia Rios& Sammy Tlatenchi& Misael Tomas& Amber Whitaker, United States, 2014, Animation film
33. EARTH INVADERS, Larry Loc & Daniel Meador, United States, 2014, Animation film
34. INSMOUTH TURNPIKE, Larry Loc, United States, 2015, Animation film

Three of them are student work from my Elementary and Junior High stop motion classes that I produced and edited and two are my own projects.


Plugging away on the set.

Judging for CreActive International Open Film Festival (IOFF) Bangladesh.


Spent the morning cleaning my work area. Started working on the set in the afternoon. Went out to "World Market" with my wife to get out of the house. Also needed more cardboard for the set build. Some litter jerks had left the packaging for a chair in the parking lot in the form of a big cardboard box. Which I grabbed. Ran into a girl and her mother. The girl had 10 tentacles fingers on her hands and wanted to know how much they cost. Turns out she is a USC animation student who just did an internship at BixPix. So I talked animation while my wife wandered off to shop. Can't blame her, she knows how I get when I am talking animation. Tomorrow I am presenting the project I have been working on in Burbank. One way or another I will talk about it here. For now here are shoots of me cleaning my work area and starting on the set for "Litter Bugger".



Just got my free samples of artificial grass. purchasegreen Two day delivery, really fast. Most of my samples are the shorter putting green samples. Scale is always a question. Got all my prep work done for my Sunday meeting. Friday is a family birthday. So Saturday clean my work area and start the build on the set on Monday.


Just found a dense foam floor mat at Harbor Freight that may work for the substrate on the bike ramp and maybe even work for the slanted concert floor of the river bed.


Just found an artificial grass site on the Internet that gives out samples for free. Have to pay postage but that is a small cost to get what other companies refuse to sell.

Getting ready to start construction on the set. I have been shopping for materials. I am looking for good artificial grass but they only want to sell it by the installed fake front or side yard. All I need is a sample. Going to have to make a big batch of Animatable Water. I will put the receipt in here later.


I told you readers, if there are any, that I was working on another project that I can not talk about. And that is true. But I was also out of town last week and didn't think it wish to post that fact. We went back to New York State for my wife's father's 83 birthday. While there we stopped in to the Kubert School and saw a lot of old friends currently teaching there.

Hy Eisman, the man I tortured endlessly 40 years ago when I was his student.

This camera has a sign saying it was from Fleischer Studio but since Fleischers ending in 1941 and Oxberry didn't start making animation stands until after WWII it is most likely from Famious Studios. Which means no Betty Boops or Koko the Clowns were filmed on it.

Tom Mandrake, Kim DeMulder, Tom Mandrake's and Jan Duursema's daughter Sian Mandrake in the teachers' lounge.

The Baker Mansion, site of the Kubert School in the early daze. Now student housing.

Mike Chen, Michael Kraiger, Darren Auck, me, my wife Ruth and son Tobias. Daughter Raven in second grouping. Mike, Michael, Darren and Ruth were all in the same graduation class, 2 years after my class graduated.

Transformation test.


Still working on another project that I can't talk about. Have managed to slip in some puppet work but don't have time to talk about the steps. Here ia a photo record.

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