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Letter Bugger is a PSA about the plague of litter defacing our world. It has a definite horror/slasher sensibly. The time for Iron Eyes Cody hippie guilt has long passed. The current generation doesn't give a damn about guilt or nature. When I see litter I want to force feed it to the litterer. Maybe when they see my little film they will understand just how close I and others are to attacking them in the street for there mindless despoiling. You have been warned.


Working of another project that I can't talk about yet. Deadline is coming up so it is going to step on this project for a little time. Maybe a week, maybe a week and a half.


Spent a little more time playing with the genii animation from yesterday. It may work if I have the transformation go through a number of changes before becoming the trash golem. Need to paly around with more transformations. Maybe a demon? I'm sure I have a couple in my stable Maybe Swamp Thing since I am a character in the old Alan Moore books? But that would mean making a puppet.


Playing around with the concept of a self calling genii. Not sure if it will work out for the transformation scene but it was fun to animate.


Worked most of the day on other projects that can't be talked about yet. The rest of the time I worked on t-shirt designs for the junior high kid puppets in my animation. These images are mostly inside jokes that I don't want to show until they are in the animation so I don't have anything to post today. Which is okay because I am doing this blog for me to keep the animaton on track. Don't even know if anybody is looking at it. Which in some ways would be better. Might do a little bit of animation testing tomorrow? Been thinking about a bit that might work in the pre-transformation scene.



Watching "White Pongo" and sawing socks for my armature. Finished the sneakers accept for the shoe strings.


Not much to see today. Waiting for glue to dry on the insides of the sneakers for the skater jerk armature. Working on some to scale "Do Not Litter" signage for the junior high kids to throw trash at. Then the guy with the wagon picking up recyclable cans will cut himself on some of their broken bottles. Blood and trash will be desecrated with uncleaned up dog waste and the Golem trash hound will come to be. After that it is shaky cam and slasher revenge for all. Spending some time on other projects that can't be talked about yet.


Got all the disks burned and will be mailing them out to the festival as soon as the Post Office opens. Working on the finished puppet for the skateboard jerk. The toe caps for the sneakers came out okay, did have to touch them up a little, but at least the mold set the size.


Have spent the morning burning disks for a fetival that I got 3 animations in and my Skyview students got their "first animation" in Ozark Short Festival. This is their 3rd festival. Their film was in a festival in London and Florida before getting into this festival.


I want the sneakers to look like sneakers but still have a tie down in the toe. The rest of the shoe will be flexible but the toe needs to hold the tie down socket. I will use white plumber's epoxy and then build the rest of the show out of cotton, liquid latex and canvas. I built the positive out of wax left over from my bronze casting days. Used the cap to a plumber's epoxy tube to hold the plaster for the mold. Mixed the plaster in an old silicone molding material container.

4/22/2016: Earth Day

The hair test worked but I am not happy with the hair process on this armature. It was a test and the armature is not all that I want and I will be making another armature using what I learned on this one. I am thinking of doing each lock separately and then killing the silicone stickiness with talcum powder before attaching the hair units to the armature head. Also thinking about creating a press mold for the toe caps of the sneakers to hold the tie down sockets.

First hair / skateboard tests

Did up new hair plugs for the next skater armature. It is a lot cleaner with the stickiness cut with talcum powder.

Working the hair on the other half of the puppet head today. Also made a trip to the big storage tub with all the toys for stop mo animation jams. Found all kinds of cool stuff that I can use building the set. Also found the Skateboard and added a tie down pin to the board. Going to have skater litterer coming down a bike ramp. Have the set build scheduled for the end of May. Had cherry pie for breakfast. My daughter made this great cherry pie for me yesterday for Jessica Lange's birthday. Heil Jessica! Planning a hair motion test for next week.

4/20/2016 - 2nd post

The clear silicone hair pomade seems to be working. Have half the head finished. The hair is still pretty wild. I will trim it when it is all finished. And I made a mistake with a sandwich bag tie that had printing on the paper wire covering. The movement is good. The only problem is that the hair looks like a Republican primary joke. Going to have to fight that. It is all about the Litter, not the politically illiterate.


The thing that is exciting about stop motion and sometimes frustration is that you always are experimenting to create new ways or better ways to do something that has been never done before. The frustration comes in during the testing. If you look below you will see early tests on the tornado effect. In the next couple days I will be running hair in the wind tests. And when I do I will post them here. So far it seems to be working on the few locks of hair I have tested.

4-19-2016: 3rd Post

Hair is always a problem. I did some nice movement on "Race Gods Race" on the witch's hair but is was kind of dreadlocks. With this skaterboy's hair I want surfer blonde. I have used hot glue as a pomade by putting it on the back side of the hair but there is zero movement. A lot of time that is fine. But not with my littering skateboard jerkboy. I am using white telephone wire as the base for each lock of hair. I am thinking that maybe clear silicone window sealant applied to each wire under the lock of hair may give me the flexibility I need and the look I want. I know a lot of places are using 3D printing to create Puppetoon replacements sets but I don't like the too slick look. Might as well do it in CGI.

4/19/2016 - Second Post: Wire Armature For Skateboarder Boy


    List of new Puppets needed for Project: 10 Total new puppet builds

  1. A dog, I am thinking a Scotty. The owner not cleaning up after his dog is the last straw that brings about the creation of the trash Golem. (1)

  2. Thoughtless dog owner. Somewhere I have the start of an armature for a Scotsman I started for a wire armature demo for my Junior High Stop Mo Class. I need to hunt that up and finish it. Just not with the kilt that I planned. Don't want to make it about anything but litter. (1)

  3. Junior High age kids of both genders. I think I have some skateboards to scale in the big tub of toys I use for stop motion jams? (4 boys 4 girls)

4/18/2016 - Second Post: log of characters below.

Row 1
Image 1: One of three chests holding puppets from past projects.
Image 2: Latex body with clay face. Type of puppet I use to make, as I was transitioning from clay animation.
Image 3: Also latex body with clay face.
Image 4: Figure with slush mold head with interior face armature.
Image 5: Same as image 4.

Row 2
Image 1: Another case of puppets but with lots of toys from my junior high school stop mo class.
Image 2: A ghoul. He is not going to get the part.
Image 3: Baba Yaga from "Race Gods Race". She might work with a lot of reworking?
Image 4: Wire armature with a flesh color and blue hand from a student armature demo.
Image 5: One of the traders from the black galley. Maybe I can disguise him as human.

Row 3:
Image 1: Cats.
Image 2: Radio Flyer wagon. Will have a can collector pulling it.

Row 4:
Image 1: Another shot of the puppet chest.
Image 2: Hindu god Shiva the Destroyer. May have him as part of the tranformation calling up the Golem?
Image 3: Space Man. Don't think he can be reworked.

Row 5:
Image 1: Bag of Night Gaunts.
Image 2: Naked green witch. May not be reworkable.
Image 3: Clay faced figure.

Row 6:
Image 1: Clay faced woman.
Image 2: Three more clay faced figures.
Image 3: Gumby and other characters that will not work.


Today I am auditioning villains for my film project. Fitting for the day that taxes are due. I have cases filled with puppets from past projects, maybe a hundred maybe even two hundred puppets. But if I remember correctly very few of them can pass as human. I know I have six Night Gaunts from my Dream Quest books and lots of ghouls and ghasts and zoogs and a really nice gug and about five zebras and eight or ten cats. What I am looking for is human vermin litters scum or puppets that can be reworked into human form. Which is always easier than building new puppets. Then I will have to build what I can't audition from my puppet cases. I will post pictures of the call backs.


The design of the hero character is a strange change. Most times I work my butt off to try and get a smooth, finished professional look to my puppets. The Trash Hound breaks all the rules. He is asymmetrical, raw and unfinished by design. The twister of trash from which Trash Hound springs is a green screen effect using Blackmagic Design Fusion 8. The center of the tornado device is loaded with lots of pieces of junk that later forms the finished Trash Hound. A partial armature is loaded into the center half way through the transformation animation. Clay is used to build up the form before a switch out for the finished puppet. The current version is using a photo background from the creek bed near my house. This is because the set is not built yet. Once the set is built I will change it out so there is not too much contrast between the animation world and the real world.


My first impulse when I see litter is to chase down the lower-thorax-abdominal-opening responsible and force-feed them their litter. I need a trash Golem to be my surrogate avenger. I want the trash to come to life and revenge itself on all the despoilers because I can't do it myself and stay out of jail. The first thing on the agenda is a twister both for the titles and for the transformation. I want a big swirl of trash to be at the heart of the birth of my Golem. I remember reading at the time that Twister came out with all its high tech CGI that the tornado in the Wizard of Oz was run upside down with a power drill. So that is where I started. It didn't really work but it did get me on the right path to a tornado device that can be animated by stop motion.

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