Popol Vuh: The Hero Twins


About 20 or so years ago I spent 2 years learning to read the hieroglyphs of the Maya. I had already spent countless years becoming illiterate in Egyptian hieroglyphs so it made since to look into this other great dyslexic friendly writing system. I put in the time and the brain sweat only to find that when I got to the point where I could just start to read the literature that I was totally turned off by all the religious bloodshed, horror and flaying of living humans. I had the key to open the door but did not like what was on the other side. So I quit my studies and almost all of it drained out of my head. One of the few things I got from that time is a lasting love of the Popol Vuh. My next project is the brothers One and Seven Blowgunner and their ball court on the top of death's domain.
Outline of Popol Vuh Action Script - version 5 To Do List






To Do List Puppets etc.

1. Blood women (puppet)
2. 7 blowgunner (puppet)
3. Baby 1 & 7 blowgunner (puppet)
4. Sacrifice 7 blowgunner (puppet)
5. Pregnant blood women (puppet)
6. More dead slaves of the lords of death (puppet)
7. Inside of house, fire etc
8. Big blood women hand (puppet)
9. Animatable heart and big bonr hand (puppet)
10. Fix skull eye switch
11. Re-write script
12. 7 blowgunner's head (puppet)
13. Animatic

Getting real close to production and the first day of animation. But, I have all these other projects that I have put off during the striking of the old set and the building of the new. Also need a re-write on the script and still have puppets to build.


Working on the last touches on the set, roof on the hut, hot marble bench used to trick the hero twins, etc. Above we have 1 and 7 Death hiding from the Hero Twins to mock them.


Just about finished with the set. Still a few small things to do. Now it is time to get back to making puppets. Still have quite a few to do. Here is the thing, most times I fight to make my puppets look really real but this story calls for the lords of death to trick the hero twins with dummies of themselves on their throwns while they hide behind their throwns and mock them for not knowing they are being tricked. So these dummy puppets need to look like a dummy, very fake and unbelievable. Here is the dummy puppet for 1 Death.


Panning shot test.




Working on the garden plot. Have to cover all the aspect of the life of the Maya.



Did a panting for a wedding gift for a friend of my kids who I have known since they were all in first grade.

Been working on the jungle around the house of the hero twins. Coming along nicely.



George A. Romero - February 4, 1940 to July 16, 2017

Normally this blog is just a place to trace my current stop motion project but I need to talk about George Romero because he changed my life in a very real way. When I was a senior in high school I was shopping on St. Armands Circle. Real up scale high price shopping area. It was coming up on Christmas and I was looking for something for my girlfriend. It may have been a panic attack but everything just twisted into unreality and everybody got all plastic and turned into meat puppets and I just couldn't go to shopping malls for the next 10 years.

Now, When I was hitch hiking through Europe and the Middle East I got into some real crowded, crowded areas. The Old City of Jerusalem was wall to wall crowded humans to the power of 10 compared to any mall I have ever been in. I think it is the realness of the people in the Middle East vs. the plastic unrealness of the shoppers in American malls. Whatever the reason I still had trouble with malls until Dawn of the Dead.

It was the scene with the bikers planting cream pies in the faces of the zombies that finally released me to return to malldom. All I had to do was just picture all of the plastic people in their head long rat race buying, buying madness halls of hell of the local shopping mall as simple minded Romero zombies and myself as the noble biker with a cream pie to hand and I was free, free at last to wander in the corridors of evil commerce. Thank you George.



Working on the Roof of the Realm of Death, Xibalba. Couple of things happening here. One is the roots sticking through into the underworld. Fun right? Another is the stalactites, which are placed to advantage for hiding support beam anchors for the owls. I have 3 filming areas that I am slowly bringing up to speed. Xibalba is just about done. The Gate to the Underworld is also coming along. The home of the Hero Twins still have a way to go. The mountins are drying. The Ballcourt is in good shape but needs finishing touches. As does the house of their grandmother. Some airbrush coming up on the mountians. Lots of jungle. The sky, etc.


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