Popol Vuh: The Hero Twins


About 20 or so years ago I spent 2 years learning to read the hieroglyphs of the Maya. I had already spent countless years becoming illiterate in Egyptian hieroglyphs so it made since to look into this other great dyslexic friendly writing system. I put in the time and the brain sweat only to find that when I got to the point where I could just start to read the literature that I was totally turned off by all the religious bloodshed, horror and flaying of living humans. I had the key to open the door but did not like what was on the other side. So I quit my studies and almost all of it drained out of my head. One of the few things I got from that time is a lasting love of the Popol Vuh. My next project is the brothers One and Seven Blowgunner and their ball court on the top of death's domain.
Outline of Popol Vuh Action







Interior decorator in hell.



Hell is coming together nicely.


There is this great illustration on the cover of the 70s A. Marritt story "Face in the Abyss" gave rise to the gateway to hell part of this set.


My artwork over the years has had a major touch of the Maya. Now it in becoming part of the set. In this case, the Gate to the Underworld.


Finished putting in the flooring in hell. It is important to have a good sub flooring to hold the tie down pins.


"River Of Blood" test followed by Blood Snake w/ River Of Bllod Test.


Started under painting on the River of Blood. Brought 1 and 7 Death and their throwns onto the set. Working on the wall detail. Putting in the sub flooring. Kicking ass on Xibalba, land of the dead. Did the last big pick on my peach tree. Have about 20 pounds of cut peaches frozen in my deep freeze. Did over 5 gallons of canned peaches and 14 pints of peach jam. 6 pints of blue berry/peach and 6 pints of raspberry/peach jam. All and all a good crop.




Designing by script. Scripting by design. Some of my script decisions drive set design but then some of the set design realities drive script. This isn't something new to anybody who has made film before but seems to be foreign to the beginner. The 2D animation student seem to miss this a lot. I remember a lot a Saturday morning shows that didn't seem to take place is a real environment. Stop Motion and CGI put a quick end to that as does Flash animation to some extent. Above, Caves of the Dead and River of Blood.



At the Muckenthaler Cutural Center in Fullerton last night for a gallery opening. My good friend and former student Lynn Kubasek had a piece in the show.

This is her piece.

This was my favorite piece form the show. It is subtle with a real social conscience kick in the teeth that only comes after you have seen the craftsmanship or maybe craftswomanship.

This next one I just love the skill level. It is like putting together a puzzle with bones, teeth and bottons.

This last one is off the wall fun. There is a hint at a story here. Just don't know what?


Just about ready to start building the new set.


Canned 3 1/2 gallons of peaches so far. Been chipping away at striking my old set. Been reclaiming Daiso "Soft Clay" from the old set. It is water based silicone clay that they don't make any more. It is far superior to the Crayon brand that is still on the market. Been melting the dried black "Soft Clay" back into clay by placing it in a tube of water.


Striking the set. Making props. Making 14 pints of Peach Jam and 4 quarts of of canned peaches. The peaches are ripe and picking more each day.Been working on this project just not writting about it.

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