Animation Jams
Animation Jam: Lots of different animators creating an animation in a limited time with minimum directions.
Below are examples of a few of the animation jams that I have put on over the years. The Dog Jam sample is
from someone elses Jam that I took part in.

Time Laps of Stop Motion
Animation Jam. Woodbury
University. Stop Mo Expo
9 animators 12 hrs
Some Pros, some students
One 9 years old
My Animation for
Sc 52 of Bill Plympton's
Global Dog Jam
2D animation Jam from
Comic Con 2006
Animators include Eric
2D Animation Jam
Comic Con Jam 2007
Animators include Tom Sito
Some of the elements
2012 Fullerton Stop Mo Jam
put on by Larry Loc & PMC
1 animator was 7
11 Elementary school kids
(6th to 8th grade) 3 hours
lots of excitement (camera
shakes) their first animation.
7th Voyage Sword Fight
Animatic Test from
Wednesday Night
Stop Mo Video Workshop
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