They Took My Image:

Chester William Artwork by: Rick Veitch Modeled after Larry Loc (That's Me)
(Swamp Thing No. 79 © D.C. Comic’88)

ABSURDMAN Artwork by: Steve Bissette Modeled after Larry Loc (That's me again)
"Look Mom, I'm a Superhero!
and you didn't think I would get anything out of comic book monastery."
(Marvel Preview No. 23 © Marvel Comic ‘80)

I went to the Q.B. School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts to become a Superhero. I didn't know it at the time, I thought that I wanted to be a cartoonist.

It was Spider-Man that made me want to be a superhero. The real Spider-Man, the Steve Ditko Spider-Man, not the years of rewrites and rip offs. Stan, the publishing man's nephew, wouldn't even let Ditko have writing credit for the work. Rewriting the word balloons after the story is plotted, inked, and delivered does not give you the right to the title of creator and writer and comic book god, Mr. Lee.

Copyright is a strange thing when taken with the work for hire loop hole. Big companies get rich off the blood and sweat of writers and artist who have to sell their intellectual children to put food on the table. The guys that created Superman starving while the company makes a billion on their creation ever year.

I am violating copyright putting my own image on the Net. Two comic book companies, Marvel and D.C., own my image. Just how did that happen? JUMP

In 1980 I became a Superhero. Steve Bissette, my Q.B. daze room mate, modeled ABSURDMAN after me. I have the original of this page and it is a picture of me, no doubt about it. And I never signed anything or even knew that Steve was doing it until after it came out. So Marvel Comics owns the copyright on my image. What about D.C.?

From the day that Tom Yeates did his first stint on Swamp Thing there has never been a time that at lest one of my school mates wasn't working Swamp Thing Comics.

In 1985 Stan Wok* and Ron Randall used my likeness as the model for Chester Williams in Swamp Thing. Steve Bissette and John Totleben kept up the in joke as did Veitch and Yeates and on down to today. JUMP

It's like getting kissed by a beautiful woman with bad breath, kind of a dubious honor. I am flattered that my friends wanted to use my image but uncomfortable that the big 2 own part of my soul. Technically both comanies could come after me for printing my own image. I print it here anyway. They couldn't stop Frank Thorn from drawing himself and he was under work for hire.

* When D.C. refused to print the last Veitch Swamp Thing I wrote a letter to them telling them to take my image out of their book or else. Up until that time Stan freely admitted that Chester was modeled after me.

After I threatened law suit he changed his story and said that he never meant it to be me and it is just an accident that Chester looked just like I did. I understand, he has to work for them.

Copyright © 1996 Larry Loc